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libor sula portret 220x220 STYLIST SINCE 1977

In the beginning, it seemed that Libor Šula would never become a hair stylist. He decided to study a secondary integrated technological school in Mohelnice at the request of his parents and it looked for a while that he would get definitely caught up in milling, grinding and cutting threads. However, after he graduated, he really wanted to go abroad and soon everything was clear!

He acquired his first experience in hairdressing all over Europe: Spain, France, Great Britain and also Italy - no wonder as he comes from an Italian-Czech family. However, since no-one paid attention to his international achievements when he returned back to the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution, he obtained a vocational certificate at the private vocational school of styling in Prague and then started working at different Prague salons (Portrait, Jacques Dessange...).

All of that preceded Libor’s fundamental life decision to open his own salon in the centre of Prague, together with his partner and his sister. Since then, the address of Dušní 6 in the Old Town doesn’t only guard the well-established hair salon, but also the high-quality and renowned brand of Libor Šula The Salon.

After 2000, Libor and his team started participating in various styling competitions. And he has been successful! He has received a total of 58 nominations in the prestigious Hairdressing Awards and turned nineteen of them into victory. He has won the most valuable award - Hairdresser of the Year - in the Czech and Slovak Hairdressing Awards twice: in 2002 and 2004.

Since then, he has received offers to perform in TV programmes and one of these offers turned his life around. In 2009, Libor accepted the role of a reality show anchorman that made him famous. The show was How to Look Good Naked and the affection and responses he got in that time have lasted till this day. Two years later, he showed his stricter face in another, controversial reality show called Šéfka, when Nora Mojsejová selected him to be her advisor.

Libor perceives all these experiences as enriching and unforgettable but at that time he also became aware of the fact that he didn’t have as much time for his profession. Therefore, he decided to turn all his attention to the salon, his employees and the continuously growing clientele.

He considers the prospering salon to be his personal victory and as he says all the success is based on the belief that everything will turn out well: “If you build your business on lies and falsehood, it won’t last. It’s the energy that employees and clients feel.” For that and other reasons, he is immensely proud of his team, which now has seventy members: “Building your own dreams is beautiful. But I’m also aware that my people help me build the dream and that’s why I treat them with great respect. Without them, I would be one of many hairdressers.” He was proud of the title L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador for many years and he is also considered to be the pioneer of the European hairdressing quality in the Czech Republic… As you can see, Libor has plenty of humbleness, as well as a great talent and warm demeanour.

And what is it in styling that he enjoys so much? “I’m impatient, I love quick results and I also enjoy making people happy. When you buy a gift, it only lasts for a short time but when you change someone’s hairstyle, you can have a positive effect on that person’s life. And, let me tell you: touching someone’s hair is very intimate. It’s about trust and emotions.”




AIPP Grand Trophy of The Professional Press

Third place in the Men’s Collection Category

14 nominací a vítězství v kategoriích

  • Men’s Commercial Style
  • Colourist of the Year

13 nominací a vítězství v kategoriích

  • Hairdresser of the Year
  • Commercial Style Prague
  • Colourist of the Year
  • Discovery of the Year and Team of the Year

15 nominations and awards in the categories

  • Hairdresser of the Year
  • Commercial Style Prague, Team of the Year
  • Colourist of the Year
  • Discovery of the Year and the Press Award

11 nominations and awards in the categories

  • Hairdresser of the Year
  • Commercial Style Prague and Team of the Year

5 nominations and awards in the categories

  • Hairdresser of the Year
  • Commercial Style Prague and Discovery of the Year