Institut Kérastase Paris

Libor Šula TheSalon is the only hair salon in the Czech Republic having the licence as Institut Kérastase Paris. It offers an integrated concept of hair and scalp care. You can experience the Kérastase Rituals in the unique atmosphere provided by top-trained Kérastase Ambassadors. These rituals are special programmes tailored to the needs of the specific type of hair and specific hair issues. The treatment is designed for those who long for beautiful and healthy hair as well as for overall relaxation and harmony.

The Kérastase Rituals connect physical and mental well-being, just like spas or cosmetic salons. The ritual includes a directional scalp massage that stimulates muscles, nerves, blood circulation and the lymphatic system together with the application of concentrated care, as selected by the hair stylist, or the Kérastase Ambassador based on the initial professional diagnosis.

Kérastase Rituals

  • Relaxing (60min): After a massage and shampoo bath, the hair receives intense treatment that penetrates every single lock of hair.
  • Intense (90min): This ritual revives the hair and scalp thanks to the professional touch stimulating bodily functions that are important for life.
  • Luxurious (120min): This is an indulging ritual performed with Chronologiste that links several Kérastase technologies. The diagnostic is followed by a shampoo bath and massage using two mixed ingredients: mimetic caviar pearls and the Chronologiste cream.

* All Kérastase Rituals also include blow-drying and final styling.