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Libor Šula

libor sulaWhat does working for Libor Šula The Salon mean to me?

To work for myself, that means permanent pressure from the management! I'm proud to be with people who respect my work and who feel confident next to me on a daily basis. The fact that I can consider my name a “brand” is basically a joint merit of all the people, whether they have only swept by or are the most important in my life and I can be, live, work... and breathe next to them.

What would I do if I weren't a stylist

I would be a gardener. I have always loved the scent of rain. And I feel truly happy whenever I am in the woods or in the garden, digging in the dirt. That helps me become aware of what's most important in my life. And thus I'm a professional stylist and an amateur gardener.

What does Libor think about himself?

Libor should sometimes pause and look at himself. However, sometimes it's better to ignore that :)

Senior Stylist