Nikol Míčová

nikol micova 18 What does working for Libor Šula The Salon mean to me?
It means an unbelievable peace of mind and the opportunity to be creative, to grow and to be myself. The team in the salon is great and the boss is the best.
What would I do if I weren't a stylist?
I originally wanted to be a dancer. But today, I would have a hair salon with a bistro and I would cook something good for the clients.

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What does Libor think about Nikol?

„When I saw this girl for the first time, my jaws dropped. It was in Greece. It was around nine in the evening, the sun had just set and the sky was rosy and I was standing below a long sandstone staircase, Nikol was at the top – wearing a beige dress, through which her silhouette could be seen… A goddess!  Well, when we met at the bar in the evening, she was just a regular crane operator, just like I was a miner, but…
When she asked me about work, I think I accepted her on the phone, she made me so nervous. It seems that Nikol has been working with us forever, or at least that’s what her colleagues and clients say. She was a member of the team on the very first day. Her work is just like her: beautiful and pure. She adopted our philosophy in a very short time and when I see her clients leave, I can’t tell who did their hair, if it was me or another colleague...”

Junior Talent