Make-over NO. 1 - SOFTER & BRIGHTER

Make-over NO. 1 - SOFTER & BRIGHTER

The transformation of this young woman was a great challenge for us because Petra let us completely do what we wanted and so it was clear that the result would be totally worth it!

Libuška Drastíková, the stylist:

"Originally, I imagined that Petra would look good with darker and rounder bangs but in the end I changed my view," the stylist describes and adds: "I selected a lighter alternative which made Petra look very good."


And what did she do during the transformation? "I started with the highlights in a single tone and then continued with bleach wash," Líba explains a procedure where hair dye is applied to hair, it is left working for a while and then it is washed out. "It lightens the original colour of hair, tones highlights and creates a nice overall natural colour." After that, she blow-dried the hair and significantly cut the straightened hair. "Petra has beautiful, thick and quality hair but I needed to make it lighter and layered it so that it looked natural, light and moving," the stylist comments. She kept longer locks around the face to show the interesting facial features.

In addition to reducing the weight, Petra doesn't need to care for her hair at home so much anymore: she can either let the hair air-dry or use a blow-dryer with a bit of mousse or gel with lighter consistency: "The hairstyle is layered so that it doesn't require a lot of work and therefore I recommend using light care and styling, so that the hair stays weightless and oil-free. This new style gives Petra many possibilities when compared with the original straight and heavy cut," Libuška states. And the variability of styling is truly great - the hair can be blow-dried smooth or ironed, curled or waved on the sides.

In the future, Líba recommends keep the style in a shorter length and maybe even cut it shorter than it is right now and try a more distinct side bangs. "There are many possibilities but I definitely wouldn't try a bob," the stylist pauses on the fact that a round face should be optically lengthened and so it is better to have medium length and cut. As for colours, Petra could try a lighter shade but if she wants to make a greater change, she can also go for darker colours. "Petra has beautiful features and expressive eyes so that option could also bring an interesting result," Libuška thinks.

As you see, having beautiful and quality hair doesn't make it simple: when there's too much of it and the style isn't appropriate, you won't "sell it"...


Lucie, the make-up artist:

Since Petra doesn't usually use a lot of make-up, she only uses the mascara and sometimes a lipstick, Lucka tried to keep the natural tones, highlight the exotic features of the face and also optically narrow the face: "I used the shaper a lot: it's something between a blush and a powder. I applied it under the cheekbones and on the bottom jaw, mostly on the sides to subdue the round shape of the face," she explains. Then she focused on making the eyebrows stand out. "Petra's eyebrows are not very visible and therefore I needed to draw them a little, which framed the face nicely." She followed the colour of the hair so that the eyebrows wouldn't stand out too much. Lucie chose similar neutral tones for the lips and eyelids. She highlighted the subtle colour of the eyes and the sensual lips in a sophisticated way.


Petra, the model:

"I knew that my hair had no shape and that it was necessary to do something about it. The straight cut was too heavy and I couldn't do anything with it but put my hair in a ponytail...," Petra admits. She wanted her hair to look naturally, neat and to make it easy to style. And all of that happened! "I have to say that I definitely don't have to work so hard to style my hair as I used to. I used to spend an hour and a half washing and blow-drying my hair and now it only takes me about forty-five minutes. I have to use the brush a little more, though, but it is still incomparably easier than before," she recounts.

When asked if she was worried about the change of the hair colour, she shakes her head: "I didn't want to interfere at all but I actually wished that the stylist made my hair lighter. I've had dark hair before and I know it makes me look pale," Petra admits. "My hair used to get really light, especially by the seaside, and I always felt good like that. But if I don't go on holiday, my hair stays dark and it just doesn't feel right."

She got used to the new style immediately: "Now I like to let my hair down because it looks healthy and the style is perfect. Moreover, I have a natural line on the side so it looks like I'm wearing side bangs," she smiles. And when she puts her hair in a ponytail, she also appreciates the difference: "It finally looks like a ponytail and not a horse tail…"

The proof that this transformation was successful does not only lie in the satisfaction of this young woman, but also in the many compliments she has been receiving from her family and friends as well as her colleagues at work. "When I came out of your salon - and I have to point out that it was almost eight in the evening and the streets were dark - people were turning around to check me out," she says with a smile. "I've never experienced anything like that and I'm enormously grateful for that to the whole team!"