Zuzana longed for lighter hair colour but she was worried that it would make her indistinctive. However, the stylist found a way how to make the hair lighter but still let all that counts stand out.

Míša Fenclová, the stylist:


The long black hair that Zuzana came with was fine and damaged by the many applications of hair dye at home. "Zuzana used a dye that penetrated the hair and damaged it," Míša points out the disadvantages of dying one's hair at home. The content of ammonia and the chemical composition of the preparation made it difficult to remove the dark colour from the hair.

Zuzana had long wished to have lighter hair and therefore the stylist and Zuzana decided to do some highlighting. "I made the highlights on the side a little more distinctive and then I applied a colour-rinse in the natural tone of light brown," the stylist describes the procedure and advises Zuzana not to use ammoniac dyes or use only the colour-rinse in the future. If Zuzana wants to have lighter hair, she can use a hair dye: "It will also improve the hair quality," Míša explains.
And what about the cut? "The hair hasn't been trimmed for a long time and needed to be revived." Therefore, she cut off the damaged ends and used a curling iron to make waves. "Zuzana could also wear side bangs if she wanted to go further," the stylist expresses her opinion that side bangs also represent a large change in the overall look. You don't need to move all the hair, necessarily...

And since now Zuzana needs to heal her hair, Míša recommends using any of the green product line Résistance by Kérastase, particularly Ciment Thermique: "It will strengthen and correct the frail and damaged hair," she concludes.


Lucie, the make-up artist:

Lucie explains: "I didn't need to change or hide anything. Zuzana has a beautiful complexion and perfect facial features so I only accentuated them a bit," Lucka reveals that she only used the BB lotion to unify and brighten up the complexion without any make-up. She focused most on the eyes which she underlined with soft eyeliner, extended on the sides. "For the eyelids, I first brightened them with a light colour and then applied some shadows," Lucie continues. She recommends only using the foundation basis to make the lines last as long as possible. She used cheerful nude tones for the lips and the face: "The face only needed a bit of contour," she explains and concludes her description of the make-up with a thought that Zuzana doesn't need to shape her eyebrows so much. "The thinner the eyebrows, the stricter and unnatural the appearance is," she explains.

Zuzana, the model:

"I was a bit worried that once the stylist pulls the black colour off my hair, I'd be indistinctive," she describes her initial worries. She has done it before, with bad experience. "However, the highlights and the natural colour-rinse came out great!” she doesn't hide her enthusiasm. "Most of my friends like it and men even told me I look more respectable," Zuzana laughs. Because her hair tends to get lighter on the top of her head, she is planning to make the hair colour darker, but otherwise she wouldn't change anything. "The highlights look great. Especially in a ponytail," she praises the work of the stylist. She's letting her hair grow because she prefers long hair but she admits that shortening the hair was a good idea: "I immediately had a feeling that I have a lot of hair and that it is much healthier."