Make-over NO. 8 - NATURAL VOLUME

Make-over NO. 8 - NATURAL VOLUME

Highlighting and a sophisticated change of the haircut solved one common problem: to make the hair look good even when there's no time for styling.

Jozef Bellay, the stylist:


The energy that Libuška radiates also balances her delicacy. And so the stylist had no doubts about what he was going to do. "Darker hair was out of question. It would make Libuška look older..." Jozef considers the alternatives. She wouldn't look good in a red colour either: "She has quite sensitive complexion that is often red. Red hair colour would only highlight that." Theoretically, she could go all blonde but with regard to the business of the lady to be transformed, it wouldn't be possible to keep the hair in a good condition without growing out hair. And so it was decided to apply highlights.

"She's had highlights before. However, when Libuška came, her hair has grown a lot from the last visit," the stylist describes the initial condition prior to the transformation. The hair wasn't damaged too much. He just needed to pay attention to the fact that highlighted hair is generally more sensitive.

When Jozef washed the strips, he immediately applied Chroma Riche by Kérastase, a special treatment that closed each hair, cleaned it and lit up the highlighted locks. The dense and soft highlights over the head were also a good solution for a ponytail: "It wouldn't look good if there were no highlights on the hair on the neck," the stylist states. He enjoyed the transformation: "Libuška is a very happy and positive person," Jozef confirms with a smile.

He could come up with a more radical change, when it comes to colour and cut. However, that wouldn't meet her requirement for easy styling and preserving the length of her hair: "The result had to be beautiful and elegant as well as practical." And what does that mean in practice? "I cut about five to seven centimetres from the final length which made the hair lighter." However, the stylist had to proceed carefully so that the locks of hair wouldn't be too thin in the ends. He focused on the top section that he layered a little more - for situations when Libuška decides to let the hair air-dry after washing: "With this cut, the hair will keep its natural volume," he concludes.


Lucie, the make-up artist:

Because Libuška has a thicker complexion structure, Lucie decided to first apply a hydrating lotion and then covering make-up. "That reduced the unevenness and pinkish tone of complexion," she explains why she chose such a method. To contour the face, she used another trick: a darker powder. "Libuška has beautifully shaped eyes that are always smiling," Lucie describes. She accentuated their positive charge with a lightening shadow and thin liquid eyeliner. "As for the lips, I used natural shades," Lucka mentions and adds: "Only slightly more intense than her lips are. That immediately gave them a fuller shape."

Libuška, the model:

She let the stylist do whatever he wanted to do because she knew she was in good hands and the hair would look great no matter what. Actually, she only had one wish: if possible, she wanted to keep the length of the hair to be able to tie it in a ponytail: "And that happened!" Libuška enjoys the well-done result. "I also have to say that it's now much easier to live with my hair," she points out with a relief. "Even if I let it air-dry, it still looks good." Well and when she has time and blow-dries and shapes her hair, people immediately respond very positively. And what did her family and friends think about the transformation on D day? "They liked it a lot," she smiles. "Both my husband and a friend that I visited on the way from the salon loved it," she shows her satisfaction. "Moreover, I have to say that it was incredibly relaxing! I really liked Jozef and we found a lot of topics to chat about. So, he made me forget the stress I had from the photo shoot," she praises the friendly atmosphere.